Code of Conduct

Bennington Area Makerspace (BAM) 

Conduct Code Agreement

The Bennington Area Makerspace is a shared work space where the community can practice hands-on creation, fabrication, and most importantly, collaboration.

As an BAM Maker and future member of the maker community, I, ______________________, hereby pledge the following:

  1. I will put my knowledge and skills to practical use as I turn my ideas into physical creations and explore new ideas
  2. I will learn through hands-on experience, in both success and failure
  3. I will learn from, teach, help, collaborate with, include, mentor, respect, celebrate, encourage, and inspire fellow Makers and Makerspace members
  4. I will follow all Makerspace safety policies and procedures with NO exceptions
  5. I will create and maintain a safe atmosphere not only for myself but for other members at all times
  6. I will only use equipment that I have been properly trained on and given approval to use from the Makerspace staff and authorized volunteers
  7. I acknowledge that the Makerspace staff and authorize volunteers have final say on what is permissible inside the Makerspace
  8. I understand that access to the Makerspace is a privilege which can and will be revoked if I do not follow the policies and procedures of the space