BAM’s vision is to be an accessible, open, and safe space for the community to explore science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) skills and support entrepreneurship by making things and making connections.


BAM’s mission is to provide opportunities for connection to the entire community via intellectually and physically creative activities.

Our “Why”

Stakeholders in the Bennington area have expressed a strong need for and support of a place and organization that feeds curiosity, supports discovery, and encourages entrepreneurial development around “making” things. The community is also in need of opportunities for intergenerational connection and diverse transdisciplinary collaboration in support of social and economic impact.


BAM is a product of several earlier grassroots community initiatives. We launched formally in fall 2019 with a commitment to sustained and responsive programming.

The value of an area makerspace to the community has been demonstrated through surveys, membership, and engagement in our events.

BAM coordinates and collaborates with several other local organizations including the Town of Bennington, BCRC/IC, CCV, SVSU, The Lightning Jar and StartUp 802. Our work has been identified as a key component of entrepreneurial development in the Bennington area.

Organizing Committee

BAM was formalized in 2019 through the efforts of a small organizing committee that includes James Salerno, Jeannie Jenkins, Ray Coulter, Kimberly Griffin, and Chris Callahan. Our activities are enabled by the organizational support of the Bennington County Regional Commission